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Repair tips for heating and air conditioning

Air Conditioning Repair Tips

I’ve been studying repair tips for heating and air conditioning lately. This has come as a surprise to many of my girlfriends, as they know that I am primarily a substitute teacher as my profession. However, I don’t work every day, and I certainly don’t work during weekends, summer breaks, or other holidays.

My husband does work all the time. He’s self-employed as an phone¬†technician. His business is currently in something of an awful place, where he’s got too much work to handle by himself, but not enough to justify hiring an employee and having a second full body around all the time.

So, I’ve been studying repair tips for heating and air conditioning online, through books, magazines, and any other way I can, including workshops at local hardware or home improvement stores. Last time I was there, I saw a truck outside for a local air conditioning cleaning company ( and left a note on his windshield to call me with questions. Hopefully he calls soon.

Sometimes I imagine being an air conditioning technician and wonder what that life would be like, handing and holding tools, but sometimes I get to do an actual fix and learn things. Most of the time, I’m just in the truck handling emails and phone calls, but it helps.

Simple Repair Tips For Heating And Air Conditioning

HVAC systems are complicated and fascinating pieces of machinery, and it’s important to hire an expert when looking at repairs or upgrades. Here are a few of the repair tips that I have come to rely on:

Make Sure You Change Your Filters

It’s easy to forget to change your filters, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t important. Make sure your filters are changed when they need to be. There are qualified professional air duct cleaners, like our local company here, Arizona Duct Pros, who can check your filters, and recommend services for your ducts and vents. Cleaning them on a regular basis can help your furnace and air conditioner efficiency.

Clean Your Outdoor Unit

You should set aside some time to clean the area around your outdoor unit. When something is outside, it’s being exposed to a lot of debris, and some of that debris can cause issues. A little bit of cleaning can make a big difference.

Look Out For Loose Screws

If your system is making a rattling noise, there is probably a screw loose somewhere. Find it, tighten it up, and you should be good to go.

I definitely can’t handle every problem on my own; I’ve brought in professional repairmen many times. With that said, I’m glad that I’ve managed to pick up a few repair tips over the years. These tips have gotten me through a few problems.

Where To Find The Best Repair Tips For Heating And Air Conditioning

Each time my AC unit starts making noises I promise myself that I’m going to ask an expert to come and see what’s wrong with it. However, as I never manage to save money before the end of the month, I find myself in the situation of postponing such things for another time. This worries me a little, because my HVAC unit is already 10 years old, so I don’t know for how long I’ll be able to rely on it.

Speaking about this, I’ve decided to do the regular maintenance by myself. I don’t know anything about cleaning air conditioning systems, so I’ve started reading blogs and discussion forums on related topics. You may not believe it, but I’ve found some cool repair tips for heating and air conditioning units that make exactly the kind of noise that drives me crazy. The only problem is that I don’t have any tools, so I suppose I’m going to need to buy them or to rent them from the closest hardware store. Anyway, I’m glad to tell you that discussion forums are the place to go for all sorts of amazing tips to help you fix things around your house. I’ve found some pretty slick YouTube videos that show some of the cleaning basics. Now, if I only had the time to do it. Maybe I ¬†should call in a professional after all lol!

Air Conditioner Blues

As a homeowner there are a few things that you can do if your air-conditioner starts to act up and make strange noises. On the other hand, your air-conditioner may sound perfectly fine but there is no cold air coming out from the unit. Here are a few things that you can do before calling a air-conditioning professional into your home. You need to remember though that an air-conditioner basically has a 12 year lifespan and that eventually you will have to buy a brand-new unit.

Always check the obvious things first. For example, if your air-conditioner is not producing cold air make sure that the thermostat is set properly and that the unit is plugged in. If your air-conditioner is situated outside check to see that there is not any debris blocking the intake valves or that your filter has not become clogged. A brand-new filter can cost between $5-$20 and is a lot more economical than one hour of time from a professional air-conditioner serviceman.

Sometimes it may be as simple as a little bit of lubrication here or a little bit of tightening there. There is a lot of great information online that can help you but unfortunately there will come a time when your air-conditioner will need to be replaced.

Hello and welcome!

Hi there! I’m James and live outside of Seattle with my wife and two daughters. While it’s pretty temperate in Seattle, the summers can get a little muggy and we like to stay cool as much as possible.

I am one of those people who refuse to have someone take care of anything for me if it is possible to handle it on my own. There is something very wrong with my air conditioning system and I want to find a tutorial that will help me figure out how to get it working again. This is something that is much easier said than done, especially since the problem has not been diagnosed yet. I am also wary of people who are trying to make me pay them for directions on caring for my system. I know there has to be a better solution.

The main thing that I am having a problem with is the fact that I am not exactly sure where to look. It seems like most of the places I look are websites filled with haphazard information intended for those who want to end up on the consumer end of a contractor’s deal. While I will head out and find a professional if it turns out I cannot do this on my own, I do not want to do this until I take the time to work on it a little.

Heating And Air Conditioning Repair Tips

We recently moved into a new home that is about 15 years old. The previous owners had a good deal of work done on many features of the house, including the cooling system. However, there are some issues that are coming up with the heating source and I would like to be able to find some of the best tips for heating and air conditioning repairs so that I can take on some of the fixes for myself.

While I do not have any background in HVAC repairs, I would like to learn about some of the different noises that I can listen for and how I can go about cleaning the heating system to keep it in great shape for as long as possible before I work on replacing anything major.

Is there a way to build up a collection of tips that I can always keep handy should any sort of emergency arise? I want to learn about the potential for having to bleed the lines in our oil furnace if necessary and I want to be able to have information on changing out the filter and any other replaceable parts instead of having to call a technician for it.