Each time my AC unit starts making noises I promise myself that I’m going to ask an expert to come and see what’s wrong with it. However, as I never manage to save money before the end of the month, I find myself in the situation of postponing such things for another time. This worries me a little, because my HVAC unit is already 10 years old, so I don’t know for how long I’ll be able to rely on it.

Speaking about this, I’ve decided to do the regular maintenance by myself. I don’t know anything about cleaning air conditioning systems, so I’ve started reading blogs and discussion forums on related topics. You may not believe it, but I’ve found some cool repair tips for heating and air conditioning units that make exactly the kind of noise that drives me crazy. The only problem is that I don’t have any tools, so I suppose I’m going to need to buy them or to rent them from the closest hardware store. Anyway, I’m glad to tell you that discussion forums are the place to go for all sorts of amazing tips to help you fix things around your house. I’ve found some pretty slick YouTube videos that show some of the cleaning basics. Now, if I only had the time to do it. Maybe I ¬†should call in a professional after all lol!